Barbershop - Gent's Classic Barbershop - Tradition Is Back In Style
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Our barbershop is very busy, and sadly there aren’t enough barbers in this world. Please call to make an appointment.


Classic haircuts have proven to be successful over the decades.


The smooth, executive look with a precision straight razor shave.

Beard Trimming

The pride and joy of a perfect line-up from a real, classic barbershop.

Over 60

The original Wisconsin gentleman look. Veterans are welcome!

Shave & Haircut

The complete package of men’s barbershop grooming and style.

Beard Trim & Haircut

Prepare for a date or an event in
style with a trim and a cut.

** Gent’s Classic Barbershop does not service gents under ten years old. **

World War 2

If you are a World War 2 veteran, bring in a picture of yourself from your service days so that we can put you on our wall of fame. #salute

A Dads &
Lads Outing

Teach your teenage son or grandson the importance of proper grooming, beard and hair care. Leave looking and feeling like a million bucks.

Getting Married?

Why should women have all the fun? Book a group with the guys and get the right look for your bachelor’s party or wedding. Inquire within.


Nick Papageorgio

Barber, Owner

After being in the hair industry for 32 years, I wanted to go back to the classic roots of barbering that fueled my passion to pursue a career in the hair industry. Gent’s Classic Barbershop provides quality services with specific needs of men in mind. In an industry that has been predominantly focused on women tailored salons, Gent’s brings back the old-school barbershops that were once the pinnacle of men’s grooming. With our client’s needs in mind, we provide high-end men’s services at affordable prices.

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View Our Barbershop

View Our Barbershop

Located In The Heart of Menomonee Falls